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When choosing a professional company in St Albans to trust with your carpet cleaning in your office or home, how do you choose from the many companies advertising for the carpet cleaning & upholstery cleaning work.

Well, a start would be obtaining references, testimonials, and looking at the associations the carpet cleaning company belongs to. We quite proudly publish ours here on our site. You are free to contact the references for an unbiased statement of our high quality approach to our work.

Because we are based in St Albans and only carry out work in St Albans and the Home Counties you can be sure of us turning up for the task in good time. A lot of companies and one man operations tend to advertise for carpet cleaning work in St Albans but are situated outside and either don't turn up or are quite late. This doesn't happen with us.

We guarantee our Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery , Rug , Marble  & Curtain Cleaning work. If you have a problem with the work for up to 10 days after completing the job, we will return to re-clean the area for you. If you still aren't happy we will return your money - 100% guaranteed.

In fact even if you have a little accident during the guarantee period such as a spillage on your Carpet or Upholstery we will come and take out the mark, free of charge. After all, we don't want our work spoilt by a little accident do we?

We except all methods of payment, are fully insured for "Treatments Risk" which is a misconception usually, most companies only carry public liability insurance, this isn't sufficient to cover working on carpets, curtains, upholstery or rugs. Do ask which type of insurance cover is provided when booking work.

If you would like a no-obligation written quotation or a quote online click here, prices guaranteed for 30 days after the quote call today on 01727 856244

Call for service 01727 856244

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